About Us

About Us

Our experience, the one we want to share with you, is nothing more than a reflection of the
situations we have solved, how we have solved them and the results we have achieved.
obtained. Through all these decisions, we acquired skills and knowledge that we now offer you.
will allow you to grow.

How did we get here?

Every journey has a destination and an objective: This is how BlueBioPlan was born.

While it is true that it was not until 2010 when Dr. Vicente Ferrer started using digital tools for implant placement, with the first available programs, he did not arouse all his curiosity until 2016. At that time, he was introduced to the use of the first «pay per use» software available, called BlueSkyPlan, which quickly made him realize that the democratization of guided surgery was close at hand. That same year he began to give a series of courses in his own clinic to share the knowledge he had acquired with his colleagues, to great acclaim. In 2018 he met Dr. Raul Ruiz, a dentist he always wanted informatics as he himself says. They immediately tuned in and understood that they were not only professionally compatible but that the sum of their knowledge multiplied their potential and thus decided to formalize a union that crystallized in a series of courses on guided surgery and 3D printing that were held throughout the Spanish geography for a few years and online to the whole world.

Currently, Dr. Ruiz continues to conduct these courses in person, sharing his knowledge on a regular basis, while Dr. Ferrer does so occasionally abroad. During this time, both perceived that the professionals who enrolled in their courses arrived full of will and predisposition but often ended up assuming that their digital skills prevented them from progressing and exploiting all the tools provided to them and from there came the idea of creating a platform for those colleagues who wanted to enjoy the advantages of the digitization of surgery but did not feel able to apply what they learned in a fluid way or did not want to invest tedious time in training and planning. This is how BlueBioPlan was born.

"Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision."

Andrew Carnegie


We are many more.

We did not want to die of success, so we decided to expand our team by incorporating more colleagues so that we can continue to provide first-class service. Our family grows day by day and we already have fully motivated freelance collaborators on 4 continents. We consider ourselves an open-minded startup to the world, so we love having a decentralized, plural team willing to contribute ideas that allow us to always stay one step ahead. Perhaps you are as passionate as we are and have considered joining our team. If you feel qualified, do not hesitate to contact us.
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