Leaders in the dental surgical guide sector
We create surgical guides so that you can keep your focus on what really matters: your patients. We will be your best ally in oral surgery cases.
Leading the planning and 3D printing of surgical guides
We are leaders in implant surgery planning and surgical guide creation. We continually leverage our extensive experience in the sector to create the best range of splints that facilitate your work.
Planning strategies for the use of dental aligners
We seek to become the essential piece that fits your orthodontic cases. From the placement of micro screws to planning cases with aligners.
Who said it couldn't be done?
We simplify your surgeries with custom-printed grafts for bone defects to be regenerated. Yes, it can be done, and we do it for you.
From €29

Surgical guides for dental and zygomatic implants.

From the simplest to the most complex cases, we are prepared to provide an impeccable service. We will be the team member you can delegate to without hesitation. All implant brands and all prosthetic options are available.
From €39

Wide variety of surgical guides

Guides for sinus lifts, apicoectomies, bone and connective tissue grafting, tooth printing for autotransplants... We have everything covered. We know how to do it and we do it well. Everything is in place for your surgeries to go as planned.
From €34

Orthodontics as you always wanted it.

Placing micro screws without control in your orthodontic cases is a thing of the past. We make it easy for you to follow your routine without worries. We also have treatment planning with aligners available so you can do "In Office" treatments.
From €29

Calcified canal? The solution to your endodontics

Those terrible calcified canals. Who hasn't come across one? Now you have the possibility of using splints to guide your opening bur in the right direction without harming your coronaries.
Coming soon

Custom-designed 3D-printed bone grafts.

Forget about finding a donor site for your grafts, we will prepare a reabsorbable beta-tricalcium phosphate graft that fits perfectly to your bone defect.
Your satisfaction is our goal and your guarantee. Explain to us what you need, provide the required information and give us a little time to surprise you.
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Ultra-precise fitting splints
We use software compatible with all implant brands
All solutions are customized

We are professionals like you. We know what you need, how to do it, and we do it well.

You no longer need to be an expert in digital technology to carry out cases safely. We have the knowledge, we have the experience, and we want to share it with you. Digitalization should be accessible to everyone, and we want to contribute to that.
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Shorter and safer surgeries
More predictable treatments
Adjusted rates
"Guided surgery, due to the benefits it provides, should be accessible to any experienced professional regardless of their digital knowledge."

Vicente Ferrer Pérez

Directeur général BlueBioPlan

Find the service that best suits your needs.

Our goal is your complete satisfaction, following the strictest quality standards.

No matter the brand or model of your implants, whether they are zygomatic or not, their length or diameter, we adapt to you. They can be tooth-supported, mucosa-supported, or bone-supported, with or without windows, with flaps or without flaps.
For any implant
Personalized guides
Perfect fit
More information
Not everything revolves around implants and we know it. That's why our catalog of guided oral surgery options will surprise you. Our alternatives cover a wide spectrum of treatments, and we keep growing every day.
Multiple alternatives
Maximum customization
Continuously updated
More information
If placing micro screws as an orthodontist adds an element of stress, then we are your solution. Place them like an expert and with full guarantees. And soon, you will also be able to obtain your own planning for aligner treatments.
Precise placement of micro screws
Reduces risks
100% predictable
More information
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How do we work?
It is quite simple: you send us your CBCT (tomography) in Dicom format and an intraoral scan in STL or PLY format, tell us what you want, and let us do the work for you while you focus on what really matters, your patients. Soon you will have your planning, your ready-to-print or even printed splint. You decide what you want and how you want it.
We provide a quality service with full guarantees

We are professionals like you, so we know what you want, and that's what sets us apart.

Professional service
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We know how important your patients are because we have them too. We treat each case as if it were our own, with the time and dedication necessary to achieve success together. Your goal is excellence, and so is ours.
Nevertheless, we are always prepared to listen to your preferences and tastes. We don't all work the same, so we don't have to have the same guides. You suggest, and we adapt.
Pioneers in our sector
Our platform and services are unique. We offer a wide range of unique possibilities that make your daily work easier.
Leader in solution development
We don't want to focus exclusively on guided implant surgeries. The digitalization of oral surgery or orthodontics is a reality, and we want to make it easy for you. Pioneers and leaders in innovation.
Plans and guides created in 2022 (and counting)
Professionals already trust us
Of our users recommend our platform
Customer satisfaction rate
Our modus operandi from start to finish

What is the process to request your surgical guide?

As you can imagine, everything is digital but at the same time simple. You don't need to be an expert or computer engineer to take advantage of our platform. You can't go wrong, we will ask you for what we need at each moment, we will ask you some questions and finally we will let you explain what you want, how you want it and with what you want to work. If we have any doubts, we will contact you to ensure everything is perfect. We present it to you and if you give us the OK, we process it. It's that easy!
Simple yet powerful platform
Minimal computer knowledge required
Intuitive process

Select the type of planning

For implants, oral surgery, or orthodontics and specify the specific type


Data collection

Our assistant will ask you to upload DICOM and STL (or PLY) files to our platform


Select your needs

Check the boxes that best fit your needs and specify a little about what you want and how you want it


We generate a plan

Once generated, we send it to you in .bsb format (BlueSkyPlan format) so you can inspect it, as well as in PDF report format.

Generation of files for printing

If you give us the OK and request it, we will then send you an STL file corresponding to your guide ready for printing.


Delivery of the guide

And if you want maximum convenience, you can also request that we print the guide for you and send it to your clinic. (Availability varies by country)

Professional clinical solutions, created by professionals and for professionals

Our team is made up of professionals in implantology, surgery, and orthodontics who treat each case as if it were their own. We demand the best because we interpret the success of each treatment as you would.
Do you know the advantages of guided surgery?

Together we can help you achieve your best version with the greatest predictability

Guided surgery offers greater precision in implant placement, reduced intervention time, and lower risk of damage to soft tissues and adjacent teeth.

Greater precision

Precision is crucial, so we reduce the risks of implant loss or bone or soft tissue injuries.

Reduced risks

With our planning, the risks of accidental damage to soft tissues or adjacent teeth are significantly reduced.

Shorter surgery times

No need for intraoperative adjustments. Less stress for you and your patient.

Differentiating tool

Surprise your patient by standing out from the rest. Make guided surgery a daily practice.
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Back view of unrecognizable dentist technician using computer for creating three dimensional project of implant jaw denture model in laboratory
Personalized attention
We work day and night to offer you quality personalized service. We want you to think of us as another member of your team.
Quality guarantee
We leave nothing to chance. Our goal is your satisfaction. We will only be satisfied if you are. That's our work philosophy.
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