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Flaps, Connectors and Windows

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Flaps, Connectors and Windows


What are flaps?

Flaps are flaps that we add to the aligners so that we can lift and hold the patient's lips for a better visual field.

Where are they placed?

Always on the vestibular surface of the aligner, near the edge, and usually from canine to canine, although sometimes we extend to the first premolars.

Are they mandatory?

Certainly not. It's just an option we offer, although we have to admit that those who try it repeat it. However, if you're not convinced, you can always remove them.

Do flaps have a cost?

Adding flaps to your aligner has an additional cost of €5, which will be added to the total amount of your case.


What are connectors?

A connector is a bar that connects the ends of an surgical guide.

Do connectors have a cost?

We believe that connectors in these cases should be mandatory for optimal results, so we have decided that they will be free of charge so that there is no doubt about whether or not to use them.

What is the use of connectors?

In the case of surgical guide of certain dimensions that cover a large part of a dental arch, there is a greater risk of the surgical guide deforming during the post-processing or sterilization process. To reduce this risk, we usually create these optional bars on demand.


What are windows?

They are spaces that we generate in the surgical guide to ensure that they are well seated before use.

What is the difference between a normal window and a continuous window?

Normal windows are usually small in size and distributed more or less randomly. Continuous windows are usually extensive and cover almost all occlusal surfaces of the teeth.

Normal Windows

Continuous Windows

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