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What should I know?

Absolutely not. You have no commitment to us and you will not have any. We just want to be there when you need us. There are no fixed payments, no monthly fees, or anything like that. This is a "pay per use" service, you only pay if you use it.

In that case, you will only receive planning, a report in PDF format, and the design of the splint. To review and/or modify the planning, you must download and install the latest version of BlueSkyPlan software. If you want to print the splint, you will need to purchase export credits from BlueSkyBio to extract the splint design in STL format ready to be printed on any 3D printer.

We usually take less than 72 hours to send you our first planning for you to review and send us your suggestions or the changes you want to make. Once you give us the final OK, everything will be ready for you within 24 hours. In the case that you have requested printing, it will be sent within a maximum of 72 hours.

We want to give you a first-class service and make your user experience perfect. We are strict with ourselves and want to reduce margins of error to a minimum, hence the concept of the calibration block. This is a block that you can print or we can send you printed so that you can check the exact diameter needed for the holes in your splints to fit perfectly with your working system.

Very easy, if you are a bit handy with digital printing, you can print it yourself, and if you are not, the most common thing is to send it to your trusted laboratory. Nowadays, almost all laboratories have a 3D printer and can offer you the service.

Indeed, we have our own laboratories and currently we can offer this service to the countries of the European Union and Morocco although we plan to expand this service to others imminently. If your country is not included yet, don't worry and stay tuned.

Consult Shipping Zones

No, but you can sterilize them in the autoclave of your clinic using normal sterilization programs.

Payment Methods

Payment is made when placing the order, in the final stages of the process, once you have specified what you want and the options chosen.

Hmm... It is unlikely, but if it were to happen, you have a 30-day guarantee to report your problem to us and if we cannot resolve it, a full refund will be issued. Your peace of mind is our priority.

We use a 100% secure payment platform with full guarantees that will allow you to use the most common credit cards as well as PayPal, among other options.

Don't worry, send us an email as soon as possible with the order number and we will contact you. If the planning is more complex than you had anticipated, does not seem viable to us, poses an unforeseen risk, or requires any additional extras not considered, we will inform you as well.

Shipping Methods

We will send you a notification and a download link via email. It's all very easy.

Of course, at the moment the product is sent, we will send you a tracker so that you can locate your package at any time and know the approximate day of its arrival.

The printed splint is sent to the address you provide us by secure courier service.
Depending on the country, it may take between 24 hours to 5 days to arrive.

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