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Impression de modèles

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Impression de modèles

How are the models obtained from my scans?

The STL or PLY files you send us are "open" meshes that cannot be printed as is. To do this, we have to convert that mesh into a volume, which we call "closing a model".

What is the difference between the two types of models you offer me?

The model is the same, but one of them is a completely solid object while the other is hollow inside. The quality and definition are similar, but the hollow one is usually requested when printing because it saves resin.

And can that closed model be printed?

Indeed, that model we will send you in STL format can now be printed on any 3D printer.

What is the cost of the models?

The design of the models and their sending in STL format is completely optional and has a cost of 10€. In case you want it printed, the cost of its design and printing would be 25€.

Maillage STL

Modèle solide

Modèle creux

Impression de modèles de mâchoires à partir de fichiers Dicom

What does this service consist of?

We can convert your DICOM files into a 3D object, which means that we can send you an STL file of the maxilla ready to print or even print it for you.

Can all DICOM files be printed?

Unfortunately, no. It will all depend on the quality of the files you send us and the artifacts that may deform the images. Don't worry, in case it cannot be done with a minimally acceptable quality, we will inform you.
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