From the simple to the complex. If it can be imagined, it can be done.

A Tailor-made Service from Start to Finish

No two patients are alike, just as no two professionals are alike. Each case is for us, unique and special, and that is why we give it our utmost attention and care.

Surgical guides for implants

No matter the brand or model of your implants, whether they are zygomatic or not, their length or diameter, we adapt to you. They can be tooth-supported, mucosa-supported, or bone-supported, with or without windows, with flaps or without flaps.
For any implant
Personalized guides
Perfect fit

Surgical guides for oral surgery

Not everything is implants and we know it, that is why our catalog of guided oral surgery options will surprise you. Our alternatives cover a wide spectrum of treatments and we continue to grow day by day so that you can become an expert with total predictability.
Multiple alternatives
Maximum customization
Continuously updated

Surgical guides for orthodontics

If as an orthodontist the placement of micro-screws is an added stress for you, then we are your solution. we are your solution. Place them like an expert and with full guarantees. And you will also be able to obtain your cephalometric studies and your own planning for treatments with aligners.
Precise placement of micro screws
Reduces risks
100% Predecible

Endodontic Guides

Goodbye calcified ducts. We offer an alternative to work those calcified ducts safely and calcified canals safely and accurately. Let nothing interrupt your work, we will accompany you with our solutions We accompany you with our solutions offering you a guide that allows you to go as far as you want to go. Who said that endodontics could not be done?
High precision guides
For single or multiple ducts
Reduces drilling risks

The new generation of block grafting, now in 3D

Do you really think it is still necessary to perform tedious regenerative surgeries to solve complex cases? solve complex cases? We offer you the best alternative: custom-designed grafts so that you don't have to so you don't have to look for donor areas, 3D printed in osteoconductive material resorbable osteoconductive material.
Custom-designed graft
Position and secure
Tested and approved materials
And if you think we have left any service out and you need it, do not hesitate to contact us.
Remember: if it can be imagined, it can be designed and if it can be designed, it can be it can be done.
Contact with us.
Our modus operandi from start to finish

What is the process to request your surgical guide?

As you can imagine, everything is digital but at the same time simple. You don't need to be an expert or computer engineer to take advantage of our platform. You can't go wrong, we will ask you for what we need at each moment, we will ask you some questions and finally we will let you explain what you want, how you want it and with what you want to work. If we have any doubts, we will contact you to ensure everything is perfect. We present it to you and if you give us the OK, we process it. It's that easy!
Simple yet powerful platform
Minimal computer knowledge required
Intuitive process

Select the type of planning

For implants, oral surgery, or orthodontics and specify the specific type


Data collection

Our assistant will ask you to upload DICOM and STL (or PLY) files to our platform


Select your needs

Check the boxes that best fit your needs and specify a little about what you want and how you want it


We generate a plan

Once generated, we send it to you in .bsb format (BlueSkyPlan format) so you can inspect it, as well as in PDF report format.

Generation of files for printing

If you give us the OK and request it, we will then send you an STL file corresponding to your guide ready for printing.


Delivery of the guide

And if you want maximum convenience, you can also request that we print the guide for you and send it to your clinic. (Availability varies by country)

Professional clinical solutions, created by professionals and for professionals

Our team is made up of professionals in implantology, surgery, and orthodontics who treat each case as if it were their own. We demand the best because we interpret the success of each treatment as you would.
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Shipments for Planning, STL file design for printing, and 3D printing