Double Scanning Technique

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Double Scanning Technique

What is the double scanning technique?

It is a technique that allows us to create mucosally-supported guides when there are no teeth or very few teeth remaining. It involves the use of a prosthesis or radiological guide.

How do I send it to you?

It's very easy, just send the two radiographic files in separate folders and that's it.

How is it done?

The technique is simple. A CBCT (CT scan) of the patient with a radiological guide in the mouth or, failing that, their own prosthesis with radiological markers is taken, and then another CBCT (CT scan) is taken of that same guide or prosthesis.

Do I also need to send the intraoral scanning STL file then?

Normally, it is not necessary, as we extract all the necessary information from the radiographic files.
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